Entangled Structures at Mapping Festival
MAY 10 2024

Upcoming screenings and live performance of Entangled Structures in Geneva, Switzerland.

→ MAY 22 – MAY 25 2024: Entangled Structures (short version, screenings) – Mapping Festival – Geneva CH
→ MAY 25 2024: Entangled Structures (Live Performance) – Mapping Festival – Geneva CH
SCREEN—SPACE featured on Ö1 radio
MAY 4 2024

→ Niederösterreichische Landesgalerie zeigt MONOCOLOR (german) – Ö1 Radio Feature by Wolfgang Popp
SCREEN—SPACE featured on noe.orf.at
MAY 3 2024

Photo © Niko Havranek
MAY 3 2024

MONOCOLOR, Gerda Ridler (artistic direction Landesgalerie) and Klaus Krobath (curator) in conversation

→ MAY 3 2024: SCREEN—SPACE opening – Landesgalerie Niederösterreich – Krems AT

Photo © Ludwig Schedl
SCREEN—SPACE press conference
MAY 3 2024

→ MONOCOLOR: SCREEN—SPACE – Press conference photos by Lorenz Seidler / eSeL

Photo © Lorenz Seidler / eSeL
Upcoming Live Performances in Brixen / Bressanone
FEB 21 2024

→ MAY 10 2024: REFRACTIVE INDEX – Water Light FestivalAstra – Brixen IT
→ MAY 11 2024: REFRACTIVE INDEXWater Light FestivalAstra – Brixen IT

SCREEN—SPACE: Upcoming Solo Exhibition in Krems, Austria
DEZ 16 2023

→ MAY 3 2024: Opening
→ MAY 4 2024 – NOV 10 2024: Solo Exhibition – Landesgalerie Niederösterreich – Krems AT

Upcoming workshop at University of Applied Sciences and Arts Bielefeld
NOV 28 2023

MONOCOLOR will teach a two-day workshop at the University of Applied Sciences and Arts (Hochschule für Gestaltung) Bielefeld as part of the masters program Digital Media and Experiment.
Video — REFRACTIVE INDEX at DA Z Festival
NOV 21 2023

Upcoming Live A/V Performance at WeSA Festival
NOV 20 2023

JAN 5 2024: Sentient Ocean – Thila – WeSA Festival – Seoul KR

Supported by the Austrian Embassy in Seoul
Upcoming Live A/V Performances at PRECTXE Sound Entelechy
NOV 19 2023

DEC 5 2023: Artist Talk – PRECTXE Sound Entelechy – Pohang KR
DEC 6 2023: Live A/V – PRECTXE Sound Entelechy – Pohang KR
DEC 8 2023: Artist Talk – PRECTXE Sound Entelechy – TBA – Seoul KR
DEC 9 2023: Live A/V – PRECTXE Sound Entelechy – TBA – Seoul KR
OCT 20 2023

REFRACTIVE INDEX Live A/V – DA Z Festival (Opening Performance) – Wasserkirche – Zurich CH

Photo © Moritz Schmid
OCT 15 2023

REFRACTIVE INDEX Live A/V – DAVE Festival – Zentralwerk – Dresden DE

Photo © Raphael Sinning
REFRACTIVE INDEX at Uncloud Festival
OCT 7 2023

REFRACTIVE INDEX Live A/V – Uncloud Festival – Former Pieter Baan Centre – Utrecht NL

Photo © Paulus van Dorsten
SEP 18 2023

OCT 20: REFRACTIVE INDEX – DA Z Festival – Wasserkirche – Zurich CH
OCT 15: REFRACTIVE INDEX – DAVE Festival – Zentralwerk – Dresden DE
OCT 7: REFRACTIVE INDEX – Uncloud Festival – Former Pieter Baan Centre – Utrecht NL (Premiere)

REFRACTIVE INDEX — New audiovisual live performance by MONOCOLOR
SEP 15 2023

Partly developed at a residency at Monopol Berlin. Premiering in October 2023.
Entangled Structures Screening at FAB Berlin
SEP 15 2023

© Clara Wildberger
Jakob Schauer & MONOCOLOR Live A/V at Unsafe + Sounds Festival
SEP 14 2023

Photo © Clara Wildberger
Upcoming Live A/V Performance with Jakob Schauer
SEP 7 2023

SEP 14: Live A/V with Jakob Schauer – Unsafe + Sounds Festival – Zacherlfabrik Vienna AT
Sentient Ocean at Friedental Festival
SEP 5 2023
Residency Impression from Monopol Berlin
AUG 18 2023
Artist in Residence at Monopol
JUL 11 2023

MONOCOLOR will spend a week at Monopol Berlin to continue developing his new audiovisual live performance which will premiere this fall.
AUG 10 – 17: Artist in Residence at Monopol – Berlin DE
Entangled Structures at Angewandte Festival
JUN 9 2023

JUN 27 – 30: Entangled Structures (Screening) – Angewandte Festival – Postsparkasse – Vienna AT
Upcoming screenings in Berlin
MAY 23 2023

MAY 25 – 28 2023: Sentient Ocean (Screening) – Monopol – Berlin DE
Video: Entangled Structures in Berlin
MAY 17 2023

Short clip from Entangled Structures at Zeiss-Großplanetarium in Berlin
Upcoming Live A/V Performance in Munich
MAY 8 2023

MAY 11 2023: Live A/VZIRKA Munich DE
Video: Entangled Structures in Berlin
MAY 5 2023

Short clip from Entangled Structures at Zeiss-Großplanetarium in Berlin
Entangled Structures receives Honorary Mention at Best Of Earth Awards
MAY 2 2023

Entangled Structures nominated at Best Of Earth Awards
APR 25 2023

Entangled Structures has been nominated at the Best Of Earth Awards, an international competition for fulldome pieces.
The award ceremony will take place on May 2nd at the Zeiss Großplanetarium in Berlin.

MAY 2 2023: Best Of Earth Awards Ceremony – Zeiss Großplanetarium – Berlin DE – Livestream

Upcoming: Entangled Structures in Berlin
MAR 27 2023

APR 25 2023: Entangled Structures – TouchDesigner Event Berlin 2023 – Zeiss Großplanetarium – Berlin DE
Video: Entangled Structures at SAT Montréal
MAR 1 2023

Documentation video of Entangled Structures at SAT Montréal.
Video: Entangled Structures at CULTVR Cardiff
FEB 10 2023

Documentation video of Entangled Structures at CULTVR Immersive Research Lab Cardiff.
Video: Sentient Ocean at DA Z Festival Zurich
FEB 2 2023

Documentation video of Sentient Ocean at DA Z Festival, Museum für Gestaltung Zurich.
Video: DISARRAY at Perspektiven Festival
JAN 12 2023

Documentation video of DISARRAY, a site-specific light and sound installation created in 2021 for Perspektiven Festival Attersee.
Sentient Ocean at Zero One Festival
OCT 30 2022

→ NOV 12 2022: Sentient Ocean – Zero One Festival –  Tower of David Museum – Jerusalem IL
Entangled Structures at Fulldome UK
OCT 25 2022

MONOCOLOR will perform Entangled Structures at this year's edition of Fulldome UK in the newly built Plymouth Market Hall Dome.

→ NOV 4 2022: Entangled Structures – Fulldome UK – Plymouth Market Hall UK

Entangled Structures at SAT Montréal
OCT 2 2022

MONOCOLOR will return to SAT Montréal with his new audiovisual fulldome performance Entangled Structures.

→ OCT 15 2022: Entangled Structures – IMERSA Summit
→ OCT 18 2022: Entangled Structures (Live Performance & Artist Talk)
→ OCT 19 2022: Entangled Structures (2 Live Performances)
→ OCT 20 2022: Entangled Structures (2 Live Performances)
→ OCT 25 – NOV 24 2022 Entangled Structures (Installation Version)

Transient Topologies at Mozarteum Salzburg
SEP 28 2022

Transient Topologies will be screened as part of the Spot On Festival at Mozarteum Salzburg.

→ OCT 15 – OCT 16 2022: Transient Topologies – Mozarteum – Salzburg AT

H.E.A.R. at Künstlerhaus Factory Vienna
SEP 23 2022

H.E.A.R., an audiovisual collaboration between Karlheinz Essl and MONOCOLOR, will be screened as part of Die Rote Wand – Karlheinz Essl at Künstlerhaus Factory Vienna.

→ OCT 18 2022: H.E.A.R. – Künstlerhaus Factory – Vienna AT
Sentient Ocean at Live Cinema Festival Rome
AUG 25 2022

→ SEP 25 2022: Sentient Ocean Live A/V – Live Cinema Festival – Palazzo delle Esposizioni Rome IT
Jakob Schauer & MONOCOLOR Live A/V at Sonic Territories Festival
JUN 23 2022

Upcoming Live A/V Performance with musician and sound artist Jakob Schauer.
→ JUL 2 2022: Live A/V with Jakob Schauer – Sonic Territories – Fabrik Vienna AT
Sentient Ocean at Performing Sound #34
JUN 16 2022

→ JUL 1 2022: Sentient Ocean Live A/V – Performing Sound – ARGE Salzburg AT
Latent Space (Screening) at Visiones Art Festival 2022
JUN 7 2022

Latent Space will be screened at this year's edition of Visiones Art Festival in Lima, Peru.
→ JUN 16 2022: Latent Space (Screening) – Visiones Art Festival – Planetario De Lima PE
Sentient Ocean at Short Waves Festival 2022
MAY 30 2022

Upcoming performance of Sentient Ocean at Short Waves Festival 2022 in Poznań, Poland.
→ JUN 14 2022: Sentient Ocean Live A/V – Short Waves Festival Opening – Scena Wspólna Poznań PL

SINEW – New Music Video by MONOCOLOR
MAY 13 2022

MONOCOLOR created the official music video for the track SINEW by musician and sound artist Kenji Araki. The track was released on Affine Records and will be part of his debut album Leidenzwang.

Entangled Structures – New Fulldome A/V Performance
APR 27 2022

Entangled Structures, a new Fulldome A/V performance by MONOCOLOR will premiere in Cardiff on May 6, 2022. The work is the result of a residency from the Catalyst 360° programme delivered by CULTVR in partnership with 4Pi Productions.
→ MAY 6 2022: Entangled Structures – CULTVR Cardiff UK
Latent Space awarded at Hybrid Vision Digital Art Competition
MAR 31 2022

Latent Space has won a prize in the category "Nominations: Special-Shaped Projection" of the Hybrid Vision Digital Art Competition organized by Mana and will be presented at the award exhibition in Beijing, China. More information will be published soon. Photo © Sebastien Roy
Transient Topologies at SAT Fest 2022
FEB 28 2022

Transient Topologies, an audiovisual fulldome composition by MONOCOLOR will be screened at this year's edition of the SAT Fest in Montréal.
→ MAR 10 2022: Transient TopologiesSAT FestSociété des arts technologiques Montréal CA
Upcoming Live Performance with Peter Kutin
FEB 15 2022

MONOCOLOR and Peter Kutin will perform at the studio of the dance company Liquid Loft.
→ FEB 25 2022: MONOCOLOR & Peter Kutin Live A/V – Liquid Loft Living Room – Vienna AT
Residency at CULTVR Cardiff
FEB 9 2022

MONOCOLOR has been invited for a residency at the CULTVR Immersive Research Lab in Cardiff, where he will develop and present a new audiovisual fulldome work, furthering his research in the field.
Upcoming collaboration with Karlheinz Essl
FEB 2 2022

Karlheinz Essl has been sonically exploring his surroundings for many years by spontaneously recording scenes in nature with head-mounted microphones. From these binaural soundscapes, immersive sound compositions emerge which can be experienced with headphones as a 3D sound world. MONOCOLOR transforms this intimate aural expedition into the visual domain, taking the audience on a slow, meandering walk through a forest-like structure that lies on the border between abstraction and figuration.
→ APR 22 2022: H.E.A.R. – Earth Day Art Model Livestream 
Artist Talk at DA-Z Festival Zurich
OCT 29 2021

Upcoming Artist Talk with Hans Peter Riegel, festival director of DA-Z.
→ OCT 31 – 3PM: Artist Talk with MONOCOLOR & Hans Peter Riegel – Labor5 Zurich CH
Sentient Ocean at DA-Z Festival
OCT 12 2021

Upcoming perfomances of Sentient Ocean at Museum für Gestaltung Zurich.
→ OCT 27 – 31 2021 - 6PM: DA-Z Festival – Museum für Gestaltung Zurich CH
Sentient Ocean at Patchlab Festival
OCT 2 2021

MONOCOLOR will perform a special 360° version of his new audiovisual live performance Sentient Ocean at Patchlab Festival 2021.
→ OCT 9 2021: Patchlab Festival AV Night – Galeria 360 – HEVRE – Krakow PL
Interview in Franz Magazine
SEP 24 2021

New interview conducted by Eva Rottensteiner for Franz Magazine.
New audiovisual live performance
SEP 10 2021

MONOCOLOR will perform Sentient Ocean, a new audiovisual live performance on three dates in fall of 2021.
→ SEP 24 2021: Astra Brixen IT
→ OCT 9 2021: Patchlab Festival Krakow PL
→ OCT 27 – 31 2021: DA–Z 2021 Zurich CH
Upcoming site-specific light and sound installation DISARRAY at Perspektiven Festival
JUL 5 2021

→ Opening & Live Performance: JUL 10 2021 – 7PM – Atterseehalle – Attersee am Attersee AT
→ JUL 10 – AUG 7 2021: TUE – FRI 5PM – 8PM / SAT – SUN 10AM – 12PM
Peter Kutin & MONOCOLOR at Wow! Signal Festival 2021
JUN 2 2021

Peter Kutin & MONOCOLOR will perform a sound / light / video performance at this year's edition of Wow! Signal Festival.
→ JUN 12 2021 – Steinergasse 8 – Vienna AT
Clusterfuck to be presented at Diagonale Film Festival
MAY 28 2021

Clusterfuck by Peter Kutin & MONOCOLOR will be screened at Diagonale – Festival of Austrian Film in Graz.
→ JUN 9 10:30 AM: Annenhofkino 6 – Graz AT
→ JUN 11 7:30 PM: KIZ Royal – Graz AT
Upcoming A/V Performance at Ars Electronica Center
MAY 10 2021

MONOCOLOR with perform an audiovisual live performance with trio verve at Deep Space 8K at the Ars Electronica Center in Linz, Austria. The performance will also be streamed live.
→ MAY 20 2021: Deep Space 8K – Ars Electronica Center – Linz AT
Deviance to be presented at Creative Days Vienna
APR 30 2021

Deviance will be presented at the Creative Days Vienna 2021.
→ MAY 6 2021 – 3:15PM CET
Deviance to be presented at the V2 Lab for Unstable Media
APR 13 2021

Deviance will be presented at the online event Test_Lab: Social Distancing – Virtual Bonding at the V2 Lab for Unstable Media in collaboration with CIVA Festival.
→ APR 22 2021 – 7:30PM CET
Latent Space returns to SAT Montréal
MAR 25 2021

Due to the reopening of the Société des arts technologiques (SAT), Latent Space will be screened again in the Satosphere.
MAR 30 – APR 24 2021 – WED to SAT  6:30PM and 8PM: SAT Montréal CA
Upcoming livestream with Peter Kutin
MAR 23 2021

Peter Kutin & MONOCOLOR will perform a live Audio / Video / Light performance at RIAM Festival 202?.
Lights and audio: Peter Kutin
Video projections: MONOCOLOR
→ MAR 26 2021 – 7PM CET – RIAM Festival Livestream
Transient Topologies at Ars Electronica 2020: Documentation Video
MAR 15 2021

Documentation video of Transient Topologies, an audiovisual fulldome piece by MONOCOLOR at Ars Electronica Festival 2020.
Upcoming livestream with Peter Kutin
MAR 9 2021

Peter Kutin & MONOCOLOR will perform a live Audio / Video / Light performance at Ventil on screen.
Lights and audio: Peter Kutin
Video projections: MONOCOLOR
→ MAR 13 2021 – 8PM CET – echoraeume.klingt.org
Deviance premiering today
FEB 19 2021

Deviance, a new Web VR experience will premiere today at CIVA Festival 2021.
New Web VR Experience to premiere at CIVA Festival 2021
FEB 2 2021

MONOCOLOR will present Deviance, a new Web VR Experience at the first edition of CIVA Festival, a new, fully virtual media arts festival based in Vienna.
→ FEB 19 2021 – Online Exhibition
Upcoming music video in collaboration with Peter Kutin
DEC 8 2020

Peter Kutin and MONOCOLOR collaborated on a music video for Clusterfuck, a track from Kutin's upcoming solo album ACHRONIE, released on Ventil Records on December 13 2020.
Sequitur_caleidoscopia extended at Intonazione '19
DEC 6 2020

Documentation video of the audiovisual choreography Sequitur_caleidoscopia extended at Intonazione '19, Eremo di Santa Caterina Elba. Performed with Andrea Nagl and Rafał Zalech.
Upcoming Exhibition at Angewandte Open House
DEC 5 2020

Two works will be exhibited at the virtual Open House of the University of Applied Arts Vienna: A dome preview of the 360 degree piece Rhizomatic Field as well as Monolith, an immersive Web VR Experience. 
→ DEC 9 – DEC 10 2020: Online Exhibition Vienna AT
Livestream: Jakob Schauer, C. Hausch & MONOCOLOR live at JESHK '18
NOV 18 2020

A recording of an AV performance by Jakob Schauer, C. Hausch & MONOCOLOR will be streamed at Echoraeume for the concert series Der Blöde dritte Mittwoch. Photo © Markus Gradwohl
→ NOV 20 2020: Echoraeume Livestream Vienna AT
Trophy & Certificate for the Japan Media Arts Festival New Face Award
NOV 6 2020
New AR piece at Patchlab Festival 2020
OCT 21 2020

A new AR piece titled Ether, commissioned by Patchlab Festival will be presented at this year's edition of the festival.
→ OCT 23 – DEC 31: Patchlab Festival Online Exhibtion, Krakow PL
New Web VR Experience exhibited at Vienna Design Week and Dutch Design Week
OCT 21 2020

Monolith, a new Web VR Experience will be exhibited at Vienna Design Week and Dutch Design Week. Curated by sound:frame / Area for Virtual Art.
→ SEP 24 – OCT 5 2020: Experience Extended Realities – Vienna Design Week / Area for Virtual Art Online Exhibition, Vienna AT
→ OCT 17 – 25 2020: Area for Virtual Art / Dutch Design Week Online Exhibition, Eindhoven NL

Rhizomatic Field at Parallel Art Fair 2020
SEP 20 2020

Rhizomatic Field will be exhibited as a 6-channel A/V installation at this year's Parallel Art Fair in Vienna.
→ SEP 22 – 27 2020: Rudolf-Sallinger-Platz 1 – Vienna AT

Latent Space at Japan Media Arts Festival, Tokyo
SEP 17 2020

Latent Space will be shown at Japan Media Arts Festival as both an interactive Gallery version as well as a Fulldome Screening in the Dome Theater of the Miraikan Museum.
→ SEP 21 – 27 2020: Miraikan Museum – Tokyo JP
Latent Space Screening at SAT Montreal
SEP 14 2020

Latent Space will be screened at SAT Montreal, where the piece was created in 2019. Photo © Sebastien Roy
→ SEP 16 – 30, 2020  TUE to SAT – 7PM and 8:30PM: SAT Montréal CA
New fulldome piece Transient Topologies at Ars Electronica 2020
SEP 7 2020

Transient Topologies, a new fulldome piece will be premiered at this year's Ars Electronica Festival as part of the fulldome program called "Immersive Fields".
→ SEP 9 – 13 2020: JKU Campus – Linz AT
New article in this month's issue of morgen Magazine
AUG 28 2020

A new article about MONOCOLOR (Marian Essl) and his work, written by Theresa Ziegler, will be published in this month's issue of morgen Magazine
Raumfänger (german)
Rhizomatic Field at Angewandte Festival
JUN 21 2020

Rhizomatic Field, a new A/V piece will be presented at this year's edition of Angewandte Festival as both a durational, 360 degree streaming environment as well as a 6-channel audiovisual installation at Schauraum Museumsquartier Vienna.
→ JUN 23 – 26 2020: Rhizomatic Field – 360 Degree Streaming-Installation – Angewandte Festival Online Exhibition – Vienna AT
→ JUN 23 – 28 2020: Rhizomatic Field – 6-Channel A/V Installation – Angewandte Festival – Museumsquartier Vienna AT
Jakob Schauer & MONOCOLOR Live A/V at Wow! Signal
JUN 8 2020

Jakob Schauer & MONOCOLOR will perform one of their improvised A/V performances at the upcoming Wow! Signal Session. Photo © Flora Schauer
→ JUN 10 2020: Steinergasse 8 – Vienna AT
New article on the Derivative website
MAR 20 2020

A new article, written by Isabelle Rousset about Latent Space is now online on the Derivative website.
Spring dates cancelled due to COVID-19 pandemic
MAR 13 2020

Due to the global outbreak of COVID-19, all spring dates, including screenings of Latent Space in Lima, Peru and Tbilisi, Georgia as well an audiovisual Live Performance at b39.space in Seoul, Korea had to be cancelled.
Latent Space awarded New Face Award at Japan Media Arts Festival 2020
MAR 6 2020

The audiovisual Fulldome performance Latent Space was just awarded the New Face Award at Japan Media Arts Festival 2020 and will be presented at the Festival exhibition in Tokyo this September.
Latent Space documentation to be broadcasted on Austrian television
FEB 23 2020

The documentation video of Latent Space will be broadcasted on Austrian television on the TV-station c-tv.
→ FEB 25 2020: c-tv
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