In Latent Space fine lines weave virtual spaces around the viewers. The architecture that manifests is highly fragile — the space grows, shrinks, collapses. The acoustic dimension is also deeply spatial — slowly morphing soundscapes float around the dome, enveloping the observers in sound and image.
The omnipresence of the virtual realm is transposed into the physical space of the dome to unmask the often proclaimed boundlessness of digital space. The work tests and investigates the spatial effects of the dome, which serves as a metaphor for the virtual net that always surrounds us.

Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, Vienna
05.10.18 - 24.10.18
Opening: 04.10.18, 19:00

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Installation Views
© Eva Würdinger / Lea Sonderegger
04.10.18 - #fuckreality Exhibition Opening, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich
© Lorenz Seidler /
#fuckreality exhibition catalogue, published at Verlag für moderne Kunst
Video by Global:artfair about the exhibition #fuckreality (german)

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