Sentient Ocean is an audiovisual live performance which was inspired by the intelligent ocean on the planet Solaris described in the novel by Stanisław Lem of the same title. The essence of the project is to create a fluid, ever-changing audiovisual experience that allows the audience to immerse themselves in sound and image. Both audio and video are generated in real time, existing between what is natural and what is synthesized. Loosely referring to Lem's work, the project touches upon topics such as emergence, systems theory, identity and the relationship between machine and nature.

JAN 5 2024: WeSA Festival – Thila Ground – Seoul KR
SEP 2 2023: Friedental Festival – Waldviertel AT
MAY 25 – 28 2023: Screening: Monopol – Berlin DE
NOV 12 2022: Zer01ne Festival – Tower of David Museum – Jerusalem IL
SEP 25 2022: Panoramic Version: Live Cinema Festival – Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Rome IT
JUL 1 2022: Performing Sound #34 – ARGE – Salzburg AT
JUN 14 2022: Short Waves Festival – Scena Wspólna – Poznań PL
OCT 27 – 31 2021: DA–Z Festival – Museum für Gestaltung – Zurich CH
OCT 9 2021: 360° Version: Patchlab Festival – Krakow PL
SEP 24 2021: Premiere: Astra – Brixen IT
Sentient Ocean at WeSA Festival — Thila Ground — Seoul KR
Sentient Ocean at Friedental Festival AT
Sentient Ocean (Screening) at Monopol Berlin DE
Photo © Sharlene Durfey François
Sentient Ocean at Zer01ne Festival – Tower of David Museum – Jerusalem IL
Photos © Dor Kedmi / Photo 1 © Maarten Vos
Sentient Ocean (Panoramic Version) at Live Cinema Festival – Palazzo delle Esposizioni – Rome IT
Photos © Live Cinema Festival
Sentient Ocean at Performing Sound – ARGE Kultur – Salzburg AT
Photos © David Prokop
Sentient Ocean at Short Waves Festival Opening – Scena Wspólna – Poznań PL
Photos © Malwina Łubieńska
Sentient Ocean at DA-Z Festival 2021, Zurich CH
Photos 3-6 © Moritz Schmid
Sentient Ocean (360° Version) at Patchlab Festival GAME OVER 2021, Krakow PL
Photos © Dawid Ścigalski
Sentient Ocean Live A/V and Artist Talk at Astra Brixen IT
Photo 2 © Daniel Eichbichler

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