DISARRAY is a site-specific light and sound installation that was specifically created for the Atterseehalle in Attersee, Austria. The installation consists of 48 light strips that are mounted on the diagonal beams that support the weight of the roof of the former concrete plant as well as eight speakers that produce three-dimensional sound. The installation aims to constantly reconfigure the spatial properties of the factory floor by creating expansive gestures in both light and sound.

Opening & Live Performance: July 10, 2021, 7PM

July 11 – August 7, 2021
Atterseehalle, Attersee am Attersee AT
TUE – FRI: 5PM – 8PM
SAT – SUN: 10AM – 12PM

Art Direction, Concept, Production: MONOCOLOR / Marian Essl
Production Assistance: Stephan Wiesinger
Commissioned by Perspektiven Festival Attersee

"When you first enter the Atterseehalle, you see: Nothing. The large room is completely empty. Individual tones ring out. Underneath, a buzzing carpet of sound. Neon tubes flash and illuminate the beams of the roof for a few moments. Slowly, the eyes get used to the darkness and reveal shades of gray.
It takes a little while to arrive at this installation by audiovisual artist Marian Essl, alias MONOCOLOR. But then you immerse yourself in this enveloping cloak of sound, light and space, which is constantly changing. It is probably the reduction to so few elements that allows one to come to rest. And the impression of a large cathedral reduced to its essentials.
With his works, Essl makes the interplay of sound, image and space a theme and something that can be experienced and felt in Attersee. The Perspektiven Festival Attersee, which is taking place for the 11th time this year, has dedicated a personal exhibition worth seeing to the nationally and internationally active artist with his installation DISARRAY."

Kultursommer OÖ / Barbara Jany (translated from german)
Photos © Karin Hackl
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