MONOCOLOR alias Marian Essl is a Vienna based audiovisual artist. He explores the interrelations between sound and image in both performance-based and installation-based works. His fully generative, algorithmically created imagery oscillates between fluid, organic textures and rigid structures. He focuses on the relation between sound, image, light and space, aiming to create highly immersive audiovisual universes. He holds a degree in media technology and experimental media and is currently studying Media Arts / Digital Arts at the University of Applied Arts (Die Angewandte) in Vienna.

Performed at / Exhibited at
Ars Electronica, Société des arts technologiques (SAT) Montréal, sound:frame, Japan Media Arts Festival Tokyo, Kunsthaus Graz, Kunstraum Niederoesterreich, , Lange Nacht der Museen, Die Angewandte (University of Applied Arts Vienna), Diagonale. Festival of Austrian Film, epizod.space, iX Symposium, Miraikan Tokyo, Ars Electronica Center (AEC), Fulldome Festival Jena, Translation of Complexity, Natureboy Flako, Angewandte Open House, Elektra Festival Montreal, Area for Virtual Art (AVA), AI x Music Festival, Seminici Transmedia Valladolid, Planetarium One Saint Petersburg, Deep Space 8K, Improper Walls, Glowing Globe Symposium Rijeka, Springfestival Graz, OFF Theater, MQ Museumsquartier Halle E, Intonazione Festival Elba, The Essence,  Vienna Design Week, Wow! Signal Festival, Grelle Forelle, brut, Moozak, Symposion Lindabrunn, Stift St. Florian, rhiz, Orpheum Graz, Dual, #fuckreality, Dom im Berg Graz, Angewandte Festival, Playground AV Festival, METRO Kinokulturhaus, Steinergasse 8, CREAU

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2019: Golden Wire Award for Latent Space (nominated)
2019: Jena Fulldome Festival Student Award for Latent Space (2018) (nominated)

August 2020: Raumfänger – Artist Portait by Theresa Ziegler for morgen (german)
March 2020: MONOCOLOR, Latent Space and the fulldome environment – Interview with Isabelle Rousset from Derivative / TouchDesigner (english)
May 2019: Video Interview with Alain Brunet – iX Symposium 2019, SAT Montréal (english)