Rhizomatic Field is an audiovisual 360 degree streaming installation that is part of the Digital Art Network, a project that connects various digital artists and artworks via a VPN to exchange OSC data in realtime, in order to create a collaborative environment in times of isolation. The Digital Art Network is part of Angewandte Festival and will stream from June 23rd to June 26th on YouTube.

The DigitalArtNetzwerk (DAN) evolved through digitally linking diverse artistic projects created by students in different courses held by Stefano D‘Alessio, Thomas Felder, Klaus Filip, Ulla Rauter, and Nicolaj Kirisits. The works themselves serve as nodes in this network.
The artistic concepts and their development are based on an iterative process, which aims to optimise the relationships of the nodes with the network and balance the flow of data. The works receive, transform, and convey data. They are conceived as a requirement for the flows that manifest between the nodes in an abstract mathematical pattern, which wouldn’t be tangible without the transformation process taking place within the nodes.
In the DAN project the aforementioned autoreferential process of data production can be accessed online. The individual projects comprising the DigitalArtNetzwerk are presented via streaming formats.

Apart from the Live Stream, the piece will also be shown as a 6-channel video installation version at MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Schauraum.
Rhizomatic Field (6-channel video installation version)

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