Choreographic interpretation of Karlheinz Essls Sequitur IVb for viola and live electronics with generative live Visuals. In coproduction with Tanz*Hotel Vienna (Bert Gstettner) as part of the residency program "Artist at Resort 15" (AAR 15).

Concept, Choreography & Dance: Andrea Nagl
Generative live Visuals: MONOCOLOR (Marian Essl)
Light: Alexander Wanko, Bert Gstettner
Technician: Alexander Wanko

17.05.18 - Tanz*Hotel
18.05.18 - Tanz*Hotel
19.05.18 - Tanz*Hotel

Trailer by Siegrid Friedmann & Ulrich Kaufmann
Choreography Impressions
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Flyer by Tanz*Hotel

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