On march 27th, 2016, I made the live visuals at the artspace of the birthday party of the event series „Techno Sonntag“ at Arena Vienna. Experimental acts like Wælder and AIKO AIKO, as well as various DJs performed on this stage.

All visual material was filmed, edited, generated and processed by MONOCOLOR, and was mixed live using Resolume Arena, to create an immersive experience for the audience. A master signal from the FOH was fed into the software to trigger effects and to amplify the correlation between sound and image. The visuals were mapped onto a 2x2m circular projection screen which was placed behind the musicians.

The stage was designed by the viennese artist collective „Kunst und Käse“
The documentation video was filmed by Pippa Parragh (vogelfrei) and Marian Essl (MONOCOLOR) and was edited by Marian Essl.
Special thanks to Celest Vienna, Ferdinand Glück and Wælder.​​​​​​​

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