MONOCOLOR (MNCLR) alias Marian Essl (*1993) is a vienna based audiovisual artist. He explores the interrelations between sound and image in both performative and installative works. He currently studies Digital Media Technologies and Experimental Media Production.

Projects (selection):
2017: Binary Action - Audiovisual Composition
2017: Black Noise - Generative Video Installation (Premiere: Playground AV 2017)
2017: Scape - Generative Video Installation, Arena Vienna
2017: ORBIT - Exhibition, Celeste Vienna
2017: Random Eye Movement - Audiovisual Installation
2016: Live Visuals for Flako, Donauinselfest 2016
2016: A\ORGANIC - Exhibition, Celeste Vienna
2016: DISRUPT - Interactive Audiovisual Installation, Celeste Vienna
2015: Reflexion - Audiovisual Live Performance