MONOCOLOR (MNCLR) alias Marian Essl (*1993) is a vienna based audiovisual artist that explores the interrelations between sound and image in both performative and installative works. He currently studies Digital Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna.

Projects (selection):
2017: Binary Action - Audiovisual Composition
2017: Black Noise - Generative Video Installation (Premiere: Playground AV 2017)
2017: Scape - Generative Video Installation, Arena Vienna
2017: ORBIT - Exhibition, Celeste Vienna
2017: Random Eye Movement - Audiovisual Installation
2016: Live Visuals for Flako, Donauinselfest 2016
2016: A\ORGANIC - Exhibition, Celeste Vienna
2016: DISRUPT - Interactive Audiovisual Installation, Celeste Vienna
2015: Reflexion - Audiovisual Live Performance